I will graduate

And be free from academic papers

But I shall remain a student

The tallest one in the class

And I shall do the talking

While the rest do the writing




I will be wealthy

And be free from employment

But I shall remain a worker

Working to fulfill my dream

King Stefan Foundation Kenya shall come to be

The light of suffering and destitute children

Orphans will be fathered

Chokoras will know a place

And with pride call it home




I will sweep the streets of Nairobi

And free them from child beggars

With any brand of disability

But King Stefan Group of Schools

Shall give them new abilities

And King Stefan Group of Companies

Shall give them opportunities

They shall no more do begging

For they shall be working




There will be no tomorrow for me

And my carcass shall be put to rest

In the safety of my ancestors

Though tears will overflow

I will have left a legacy

And lived up my dream.


———Stephen M. Mutuku———