The Red “black” campus weekend

Have you been to any of our colleges recently?especially on Friday evening,am sure you will tell me that the place looked red with love and romance.yes love and romance among the students..under the trees you will observe two by two scenario…and you will be lost in wild flashes of butterfly kisses and hugs..girls clinging on boys like the Columbus monkey clinging on a pawpaw plant…the red sore lips sucking saliva from the boys lips..a love posture,..then they trans-locate into their hostels..immediately the key clicks the red romantic night is translated into a dark black mystery of a lifetime..for the weevil…”the invisible weevil” is transferred from one body to the other..the weevil which destroys from inside…destroys the leukocytes…and before long the truth dawns on the individual…the two minute pleasure..the two shots, that one orgasm is finally killing them..the eyes which were once lively and captivating become lifeless…they are rotting inside..a heap of garbage..stress sets in and self-stigmatization starts.,they realize they are dying slowly…for the virus is like slow poison..then as a way of coping up with the conflict, some retaliate while others opt to fight back through infecting others….in order to live longer,they become slaves to drugs INDEED THE red black campus weekend.



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