The Wheelchair Dream

The wheel chair is mostly viewed from a negative perspective especially in third world countries like Kenya..many of us see the occupants of this chair as invalids or disabled personnel. Though most institutions and organizations focusing of human rights advice us to refer to them as differently-able personnel,we have glued our minds on terming them as disabled..But are they really disabled?Are they really invalids?just because a person can’t walk or see or hear does not mean they are invalids.Every morning as i walk to college,i always meet guys pushing their differently able relatives to station them somewhere on the side of the road to beg..i always try to mind my own business but whenever i see a parent pushing a differently-able child to beg,anger burns inside me such that i feel like flogging him or her mercilessly and that brings us to the start of the wheel chair dream . In-fact most of the adult beggars are living their dream.To them begging is a career,a the end of the day most of them will have collected a fortune.but what about the child beggar? to them begging is not a job nor an option..its slavery..while adult beggars are living their dream,child beggars watch their dreams fade away and disappear out of their sight..yes they get some money..but its not for their is for the pockets of their guardians. in fact these kids are never dressed properly and always look underfed.they are stigmatized and tuned to believe that they can’t do anything for themselves.they cannot live without begging..but what their parents don’t understand is that the energy that should have been allocated to their disabled parts is channeled to other fact,most people with locomotive and sight disability have very sharp brains suited for academic excellence.almost 90% of those given learning opportunities make it to higher institutions of learning..they in-turn learn valuable skills for independent living.but most parents opt not to take them to school without considering the fact that in the next 5-10 years the humane nature of most people will be extinct and they will not be willing to give even a dice to a beggar hence rendering the dream invalid..and indeed the death of the wheel chair dream .



7 thoughts on “The Wheelchair Dream

  1. You’re so right to call them “differently abled. Many people who are able to walk and run don’t take the trouble to use their brains. What this world needs is a combination of compassion, understanding, and intelligence.
    You have that combination.

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