i sat among a group of mourners
dressed in a black attire
our heads shaved clean
and our faces dull because of mourning

In front of the pregnant coffin
stood a hungry open grave
ready to swallow the coffin
and a heap of fresh soil
ready to embrace it in eternal warmth

vroom vroom vroom
came the screaming fuel guzzler
distorting the calmness of the graveyard
beyond its tinted windows
came a pharisee in white robes
and the mourners stared in confusion

he took the microphone to address us
his crocodile tears mocking our mourning
as he blurted out empty stinking political promises
the nearby trees grumbled
and the angry corpse farted
and the filthy stench made him faint
and the wind laughed at him

the master calmed the corpse down
with a spray of strong perfume
but the intruder had left
with his guzzler spitting smoke
like a snake spitting venom

————Stephen M. Mutuku———


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