Why Claims by CORD That Jubilee Plans to Rig the Election are Justifiable!

With only 203 days to the general elections, the I.E.B.C  has resumed its mass voter registration exercise and is targeting more than 6 million new voters. This has triggered actions by both cord and jubilee parties to mobilize people from their strongholds to register as voters so as to outwit each other in the august elections. This comes only a week after President Uhuru signed the controversial  electoral laws amendment bill into a law, which allows the electoral commission to adopt a manual back-up as an alternative to the electronic voting system already stipulated in the law. The signing was done despite cord’s advice to the president not to sign the law since they claimed that the adoption of a manual system would allow the government  to manipulate the I.E.B.C and rig the elections. Despite jubilee’s strongholds leading with the number of registered voters and expecting to gain more new voters in the exercise that commenced today morning hence rendering them as the favorites to win the elections, cord’s claims of a plan to rig the elections are justifiable. This can be seen through jubilee’s act of unveiling a smart card for their party members so as to ensure a credible nomination exercise while on the other hand using all means to make sure that the controversial electoral amendment bill passed claiming that the electronic voting system might fail, so their is a need for a manual back-up to tally and transmit the electoral results. This shows that jubilee is afraid of any disunity among its political aspirants hence it unveiled the smart card to ensure credible party nominations. Despite claiming that the I.E.B.C will conduct free and fair elections come august,one is left with questions hanging as to why JAP plans to use an electronic system in their party nominations while creating room for a manual system during the national elections. Why wouldn’t the government unveil a smart card for every registered voter to use in the elections instead of unveiling it for its party members only? This is a clear indication that jubilee might be planing to corrupt the electronic voting system to give room the manual system hence facilitate rigging of elections.


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