Roadside Judgement

i stood by the traffic jam
a bunch of bananas in one hand
and a packet of sweets on the other
hawking them to the monks
behind the wheel of fuel guzzlers
some would buy a banana
others would wind-up their tinted windows
fearing i would snatch their smartphones

an owl hooted nearby
someone shouted
then i turned around
and saw a boy of twelve
running to cross the road
he stumbled over a pothole
and fell in the middle of the road

a rain of stones fell on him
and rendered his body lifeless
a mechanic produced a worn-out tire
and another a can of gasoline
ready to cremate the boy
then i signaled them to stop
and knelt before the corpse
and unfolded its clenched fists
only to uncover two small sweets
not even worth a dice

then i lifted my eyes
to look at the agitated crowd
their faces turned dull
unable to withstand their guilt
for pronouncing a death sentence
to a innocent young boy
as they turned to leave
i saw a rhetoric question
scribbled in bold letters
on their backs as they hurried away.

————Stephen M. Mutuku————


21 thoughts on “Roadside Judgement

  1. thanks ijapa and am still meditating about that poem of yours,”SLANDERING.” the message is so strong that i can’t discern it at once…i must say that i will spend some more time on it…i might even consider to use it in a classroom situation next year when i go for my teaching practicum…..


  2. I love the way you are lifting issues from the society and presenting them in your poetry in a mimetic amaze me man..keep that splint glowing,.the poems are great..

    Liked by 1 person

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