Putrid oppression

 it's women
 who are enslaved
 and made victims
 of domestic violence
 and some are translated
 by their cruel hubbies
 like a putrid heap of rags
 burned down into ashes

 it's women
 who are labeled sluts
 and other putrid names
 seen as weak objects
 for giving sexual pleasure
 and simple natural machines
 for mass production of kids
 by their libidinous kinky men
 worth a putrid heap of rags

 it's women
 who get pregnant
 for nine good months
 in this putrid world
 and endure all the pain
 the pain of giving birth
 which men can't survive
 even for a single minute
 but can survive a pungent smell
 from that putrid heap of rags

 it's a woman
 who gave birth to me
 and through her i understand
 that women are strong
 beautiful and elegant
 lovely and caring
 and not like that
 putrid heap of rags
 and am always wondering
 why men oppress them!

 it's women
 who should be adored
 honored and respected
 secondly after God
 for they are small gods
 and if you can't adore one
 then go and eat shit
 from that putrid heap of rags
 for even the bible says
 "he who finds a wife
 finds what is good
 and receives favor from God."

 ———Stephen M. Mutuku———

Protest Against Domestic Violence.


19 thoughts on “Putrid oppression

  1. Hi my friend Stephen
    I think to create a post about the city of Nairobi.
    Can you help me? I need pictures of the city (architecture, monuments, statues, garden,) and photos of beautiful Kenyatta University.
    I will cite your name and blog as author and owner of these photos.
    Thanks in advance my dear friend
    Alozade ahmed (alozadea@gmail.com)


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