Sooty Bones.

This poem is a sibling to my previous poem,”Mama’s Ghost.“To understand it genetic makeup fully, please check  “Mama’s Ghost” first then recite this one….hope you can coordinate their thematic concerns. Good-luck dear reader.


Sooty Bones.


sitting on my bed

swallowed in darkness

my mind in the dark

my thoughts are dark

and my heart is dark

dark as the night outside



am troubled

where is mama’s ghost?

it comes in the dark


four days of darkness

and no ghost in the dark.



a flick starts in the dark

and a flash follows in the dark

too bright for my eyes

and am blind to see

in the darkness of light.




a pile of sooty bones

falls from the dark

and beyond the darkness of light

comes a voice in agony

a voice like Mama’s voice

and a whisper hits my deaf ear

“stay in peace son

holy fire surrounds you

I can’t come anymore.”



it’s that prayer and oil

done by that pastor

when my folks send me to him

I keep the sooty bones

locked in my safe

and throw the key to sea

mama’s ghost is no more…



———Stephen M. Mutuku———


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