A Flood of Tears.

grave diggers


I went to a funeral

to bury my beloved sister

who had passed away

leaving a four year old son


I stood near the grave

with my face downcast

trying to hold my tears

tears, tears of pain.

as youths covered the grave


“look uncle!

they’ve covered mum with more soil

and put a thorny acacia branch on top

tell me she will come back

will she?”

inquired my little nephew

and my lips went dump

how would I tell him?

that mum was gone!

the pain was so much

I couldn’t hold it longer

Tigris appeared on my right eye

and Euphrates on my left

and flooded my heavy face

in a vast mass of their salty waters

it was a flood of tears.


———Stephen M. Mutuku———

image rights belong to pinterest.com




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