Talking Chalk.

when chalk enters our class

he talks

talks and talks

forty minutes no break

always talking insanity


the board grumbles

chalk’s talk too long

always an empty talk

full of chalk’s sweaty dust

a talk that chokes

our brains to insanity


we hope for  Mr. death

to take talking chalk

away with his talk

and clear chokes of chalk

from our choking brains

to restore sanity in our talk


———Stephen M. Mutuku———




5 thoughts on “Talking Chalk.

  1. Seriously, the rhythm of your prose together with the imagery and repetition creates that perfect atmosphere of incessant, mind-numbing boredom that occupies the classroom. The emptiness of detached chalk with his talk and the minutes that feel like hours was captured so simply but so perfectly. You have a natural talent.

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