Just Mumbling!

why do you tremble, when you hear trump

why cause trouble, for his unusual triumph

is he a stump,for you to stumble

why don’t you ramble, he isn’t a Rambo

so he can’t stab, he can only rumble



he is a special, and might be terrible

but there is a puzzle, that he won’t handle

to safe his pedal, before the council

so he will tumble, down like a turtle

and break the nozzle, of his noble muzzle

injuring a muscle, in the inevitable tussle



make yourself stable, and look for marble

to clear the tussle, on that oval table

where you do gamble, for the life of a poodle

and tell your people, to read that label

and set an example, when you do saddle

without a sandal, a life of the humble


———Stephen M. Mutuku———





7 thoughts on “Just Mumbling!

    1. yeah….am always wondering why he is always the talk of the day…is it that we people don’t have anything else to shout about…?Why do we keep digging on his negative side…? Looks like we have forgotten that leadership comes from God…we had our candidate but God had His candidate………


  1. I respectfully have to disagree… If you look his message of racism, his policies towards people of colour and what he is planning to do to the environment? The damage could be catastrophic, not just to the US but other parts of the world. Just moving on and accepting his actions will never bring change. Look at what happened to the proposed health care act, 20 million people would lose their health insurance. People stood up and spoke out against it… It was defeated! Taking away money, food and health care from the poor and elderly? If people don’t stand against it, who will?

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