A Chain of Victimization

I once was a victim

in that sisal plantation

when the sun was high

the whip fell on my back




I can't count the times

we revolted

the white masters left

we thought of redemption

but new colored masters

took reigns of the plantation

and made the whip vigorous

redemption was imaginary


my son fell by a bullet

when he threw a stone

fighting for my land

victimization here

victimization there

why am I evicted?


I heard the news

pupils were tear-gassed

then trampled on with muddy boots

as they demonstrated

against the grabbing of their play ground

by a black civil servant

for construction of a business park

when will victimization end?

—————Stephen M. Mutuku—————



4 thoughts on “A Chain of Victimization

  1. Yes well written, but so sad! I often listen to the kids in my part of the world complaining about how hard their life is, my retort to that is, You don’t know how lucky you are, you have a roof over your head, fresh clean water to bathe in let alone drink, three full meals a day, and that’s not counting all the free social amenities that are available, yep, you really don[t how lucky you are”. Their reply, is that, “You haven’t a clue about what your talking about, “Old man”! One day they’ll learn, I pray.

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