Don’t Call Them African

Why call them African

and they know not our ways?

African children know our ways

African children know our languages

yours' know not our language

for pidgin is their language

African children, African children

know not posh cars

know not posh schools

know not your posh curriculum

know not perimeter walls

African children, African children

know hunger as their portion

have jiggers on their feet

have shanties for their shelter

know the taste of violence

what about your children?

Know not a mud hut

know not a jigger

know not the scent of hunger

yes they have a black skin

but can't suit our title

don't call them African!

——Stephen M. Mutuku——

5 thoughts on “Don’t Call Them African

  1. I love your poem, but roots are roots, and can not be denied. I agree they might not have experienced the trials and tribulations of their elders, but please don’t suggest that they should not call themselves African. I do of course refer to the true Africans,
    for indeed there are people that should not, (IMO) call themselves by the name of the country they live in, but were talking centuries of bad history. I think I can say that the controlled indigenous people would love for things to change, and rightly so. However as things are in this modern world it is my opinion that we should all learn to live to together, and look to a better future for our children. If only life was so simple!
    Wishing you and yours peace!


    PS Nearly forgot to thank you for all the likes of my work, appreciated!

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