My Mami Wata Was Broke

I saw her off my room

escorted her to the crossroads

where she took the unbeaten path

not a foot had been set in it

it led to the unknown

and she trod on it

and with her went my heart

and my riches followed her too

leaving me in this barren land

hollow, lonely and broke

a stone in the depths of my chest

and I couldn't fall in love

though I wanted to


i returned to the crossroads

and took the unbeaten path

hoping to get back my heart

but the evil forest swallowed me

swiftly sending me to my grave

for spirits live with spirits

and spirits dine with spirits

and reunited with my mami wata

but she was a goddess of poverty

that is why i died poor

with no family to retain my name!

———Stephen M. Mutuku———



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